Most of the images displayed on this website are being sold as archival, selenium toned silver gelatin prints in fine art limited editions. All prints are made in my darkroom in Croatia and can be securely shipped to any country worldwide. For pricing and availability please CONTACT ME.

Selenium toned silver gelatin print on Lupex paper All Rights Reserved © 2018 Marko Umicevic

PRINT SIZES Normally, I do printing in two paper sizes (20 x 30 cm and 30 x 40 cm), making prints that are around 15 x 25 cm / 6 x 10 inches and around 25 x 35 cm / 10 x 14 inches. Prints are sold unmounted (unless otherwise stated) with paper-white border left for mounting and framing. Larger sizes, mounting or even framing are optional, but with prior contact and inquiry for the artwork you are interested in.

THE PROCESS Original paper negative is scanned for high resolution output, digitally cleaned from specks and dust and then printed with high-end ink jet printer (Epson P800) on a large sheet of transparency film (intermediary negative). In a controlled environment of a darkroom, enlarged negative and printing paper are put in a tight physical contact under heavy glass and exposed for certain amount of time under diffused light. During exposure, burning and dodging might be applied where and if necessary. Print is then hand processed in trays with chemicals, washed, dried and flattened. Once flattened, it is examined for small tiny dust spots that are corrected with a paint brush.

PAPER For fine art print editions I use beautiful fiber based, slow working silver-chloride paper Adox Lupex. Lupex has a warm silver tone, more or less pronounced depending on a choice of developer and other details of processing. This paper has a creamy-white paper base and comes with moderately glossy, satin-like finish.

ARCHIVAL CONCERNS If treated properly, silver gelatin print reaches the highest museum quality standards. The estimated display life is at least 100 years before noticeable change, if kept under anti-UV glass and protected from direct sunlight. In my print processing I use only highest quality materials and chemicals made by Ilford, Adox and Moersch. As a part of my normal darkroom routine, each piece of paper is manually processed in additional special baths that have relevance both to image stability and print longevity. As a rule of thumb this will always include use of hypo eliminator (elimination of residual chemical substances from fixing), appliance of stabilizer and protective toning in selenium.

AUTHENTICITY Each print is signed, numbered and dated au verso with a pen and is accompanied with certificate of authenticity. Certificate of authenticity contains: serial number, title, edition number, paper/process details and personal signature.

SHIPPING Prints are sold unmounted (unless otherwise stated) and shipped flat in acid-free sleeves inside sturdy envelope, well protected against moisture and damage. Each shipment is insured and tracked.


For any questions, please feel free to contact me.