Malkauns is a body of work inspired by Indian ragas. Photographs were made in a period when I intensively listened to music that resonated with me on a personal level. I searched for tranquility, hypnosis of a sort, and classical Indian music had that special feel of timelessness and mysticism. In summer 2016 I was taking regular trips to abandoned industrial sites in historical centre of Zagreb, as a ritual of my own, with a goal of making photographs with as little natural light as possible. These vast spaces were silent as tombs, filled with useless objects such as asbestos boards, damp wooden planks, rusty metal items and piles of dirt. Vegetation grew inside and some walls were ivy-covered. I was in a space that once belonged to people and now, decayed and malodorous, belonged to no one.

I had hand crafted camera with me and a box of old obscure paper from the flea market. It was fogged, its responsiveness to light was weak, but I thought it fits perfectly with the space I was in. Without possibility to see what was up front, all framing was done intuitively. But as I returned to the building, my intuition grew and I was more confident in how to position camera rightly.