„Floating Outerworlds“ is a small series of landscapes taken in the remote area of Lika, mountain region of Croatia. It is a reflective study on transience and the beauty of nature inspired by the poetic elegance of Japanese woodblock prints, particularly Japanese mountain landscapes from the late 19th century.

In 2015, I started spending more and more time in nature. I walked daily routes to the distant hills and woods and would return to the village only after my feet would go numb, along with my mind. Those were self-reflective moments, filled with deeper understanding of natural phenomenon and appreciation of constants in nature such as the sun and light. Most importantly, I was away from the city, which suddenly offered so little. Everything was seen, everything was explored, and nothing came as a surprise anymore. And natural landscape was vast, pure, almost as a mirror – you would look at it and you would see yourself. But then you would disregard that vision of yourself, as you were not important.

Fascinated and taken away with this landscape, I wanted to reinterpret it, to mystify it deliberately. Make it close to my own vision, which was that of a mysterious world. Photographs from this series were taken with pinhole cameras on a photo paper that expired more than 50 years ago, with exposures lasting up to ten minutes and more.