Marko Umicevic (b.1982) is a fine art photographer working in black and white silver-based medium. His work is based solely on optic of self-designed pinhole camera in pair with paper negative as a preferred medium of choice. Marko has MA Degree in Art History and formal photographic training.


Paper negatives: Refining the process [article/interview], f/D, June 2015

SEITIES: Traditional photography publication #6, Autumn/Winter 2015

KRAPPY KAMERA SHOW 2016, Soho Photo Gallery, New York, March 2016

THE HAND MAGAZINE: A Magazine for reproduction-based Art #13, Summer 2016

Book cover for Ruzica Ascic: “Dobri dani nasilja”, Hena com, June 2016

ƒ/D BOOK OF PINHOLE, Subjective Press, March 2017

LONDON PINHOLE FESTIVAL 2017, Four Corners Gallery, London, April 2017

OPTIKO JOURNAL: Analogue Photography Journal, [interview], (upcoming!)

SOMERVILLE TOY CAMERA FESTIVAL 2017, Nave Gallery Annex, Somerville, MA, September 2017

LET THERE BE LIGHT (AND SHADOW), Umbrella Arts Gallery, New York, February 2018