Marko Umicevic (b.1982) is a fine art photographer working in black and white silver-based medium. His work is based solely on optic of self-designed pinhole camera in pair with paper negative as a preferred medium of choice. Marko has MA Degree in Art History and formal photographic training.



My photographic work is based on unique optical qualities of pinhole camera in tandem with paper negative. About 10 years ago I discovered these simple photographic devices loaded with paper could be amazing creative tool for an endless exploration of weird and unusual relationships between subject, space and light in a way that is hardly imaginable with common camera or lens-based optics of any type. What started then as an experiment in camera design over time became my passion and pinhole camera my only photographic tool.

I work with custom, home-crafted cameras loaded with new, outdated or self-prepared silver-gelatin papers. Camera design usually implies strange, wide-angled and non-human perspective with different aberrations in the field of view. Due to low speed of both pinhole and paper, exposures are extended over period of time that’s counted in minutes. Whole process is backed-up by darkroom chemistry and special developing techniques as is the stand development in highly diluted Rodinal.

In 2015, in striving for more mystical tone I was attracted to abstract imagery with broad, empty picture planes and subdued hazy details evoking dreamy states. My current work follows on these steps.


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